Manuals for Every Artist 
and Art Professional.

Whether you are a gallery-bound artist, a public artist, an emerging artist, a hobbyist, a crafts-person, a student, a professor an/ or a seasoned artist in need of a tune up, our manuals are meant for you.

These comprehensive books are informed by decades of experience and years of research into how to perform as a professional artist in the 21st century art world (or worlds).

These manuals are filled with easy-to-follow instructions that will help you do everything -- archive your work, start a mailing list, write a grant, and everything else you can think of, even teach professional practices to student artists.

Consider these as handbooks for all your artistic endeavors. These books are written and designed to empower you to take your future into your own hands.

The second edition of this book builds on GYST Ink’s remarkable track record of educating artists of all kinds, from students just out of college, to artists late in their careers. This comprehensive and completely re-written book avoids touchy-feely anecdotes and cuts to the chase, delivering indispensable information every artist needs to know.

The new edition provides updated, step-by-step advice on topics most artists wish they learned inschool. The book covers archiving work, grant writing, contracts, budgets, resumes, cover letters, pricing work, shipping, gallery representation, networking, websites, mailing lists, fundraising, residencies, and dozens of other subjects. The new edition also comes with updated worksheets, a robust reference section, and corresponding online tools that ensure no artist feels in the dark about what to do with their career. Whether you are a gallery-bound artist, public artist, emerging artist, hobbyist, crafts-person, student, or a seasoned artist in need of a tune up, this manual was written for you.


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